A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is my debut text-adventure titled "Yesternight".

The game is written in AdvSys adventure-writing system by David Betz. The system is available for example for PC and Amiga.

The game is created for ParserComp 2021 competition.

Travel with north, south, east and west commands. 

Pick up items with take. Examine items and objects with examine command, for example examine nest.

Check items carried using inventory. Examine location using look.

Hint: the game expects two-word actions.

I wish you much fun with the game!

Install instructions

To play the game on Windows just unarchive the ZIP file "Yesternight.zip" and double-click the "Play.bat" icon!

Update: For Windows, Mac and Linux users - please use Gargoyle interpreter to play my game.


Yesternight.zip 31 kB

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